Salma Hayek showed them to their fans as you prepare your favorite beverage


“Stay safe, healthy, and happy!”, expressed in the clip, the famous.

Salma Hayek, far from feeling alone in these days of confinement, has found in his followers a company is very pleasant, that is why I want to share with them some of their best kept secrets.

From a while ago, the famous has been displayed in the web how to cooking recipes are one of his great passions, and already showed several on the internet platforms.

Previously, celebrity to commemorate easter wanted to prepare the typical recipe of chocolate eggs, and for their fortune came out victorious on that occasion.

Some weeks ago, sought to enter the side of the refreshments so that their past video clips were based on this theme.

The first of the drinks we prepared was flavored with mango, and revealed that it is one of their favorite fruits, in addition added to the infusion with coconut milk, basil leaves and lots of ice.

Now, the last of the drinks prepared the artist was one rich in vitamin C, with the following items: Kiwi, lemon, ginger, mint leaves, and the star ingredient was Mezcal which is a food obtained from the decoction of the stem of a plant.

During the whole of the audiovisual Salma Hayek not tired of repeating the good properties that have every one of the foods, to turn them left a message for their fans: “Stay safe, healthy, and happy!”.

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