Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, what are new best friends? | News


The broken and excited voice Demi Lovato on the stage of the Staples Center in Los Angeles last January 16, is one of the milestones that we will leave by 2020. The attendees of the Grammy Awards 2020 were the lucky ones to live it in direct, and his tears were not long in appearing.

As we were advised. Anyone I was going to be able to break the heart, because it is a song that Lovato composed days before the overdose that took place in 2018. A song composed by feelings and emotion irreplaceable. It is not surprising, therefore, that many of the artists present and not present is rindiesen to the singer.

One of them was Selena Gomezthat was best friend of our protagonist. The interpreter Look At Her Now, to which we were not able to see among the guests of the event, wanted to send his support to Lovato through the social networks. He did it through an Instagram Story in which he immortalised the moment through the television added the following text: “I wish I could find the words to describe how beautiful, inspiring, and well deserved it was this time. Demi, I am very happy for you. Thank you for your courage and bravery.”

In a matter of seconds, his words toured the social networks and their followers began to ask: “Have you resolved your differences?”. To understand the origin of the dispute, we go back to 2010.

After years of friendship and projects together in some productions of Disney, Demi, and Selena put a full stop to their relationship. By that time, Gomez began her friendship with Taylor Swift, and that did not seem to convince all to Demi. “The friends of truth do not allow their friends or family are bad with you. If you can’t trust someone, you can’t be a friend of them,” said the interpreter Skyscraper in an interview in that same year.

Subsequently, both shortened distances when Demi was faced with a number of episodes of bulimina. Selena has come to the aid of his examiga, giving to understand that they had managed to overcome the adversity. But what is certain is that, in the future, their friendship would be starring a roller-coaster of emotions. Best friends, enemies, best friends, enemyand so on until 2018 Demi Lovato took the covers of all the media for their overdose. Apparently, had the support of Selena in her most strict privacy.

Due to its secrecy, the question continues in the air: Are they best friends again? The words that Selena has dedicated her companion of profession seem to indicate that the answer is yes. And that is if there is something that is able to settle differences among the people is the dialogue and, of course, the music.