Selena Gomez and the photos of his childhood that prove that it was the queen of curls


The photos of the childhood of the singer Selena Gomez shows that she was also the queen of curls. Small, and according to reveal your own photos on instagram, the actress also had a hair quite unruly.

Your photos of children on Instagram are one of the most commented on by his fans and the majority exceed the more than 7 million likes.

And is that the own Selena loves to share photos of your childhood and that always makes it revolutionizes the social networks.

Adorable little girl

Between these comments stood out, of course, argue that Selena was an adorable little girl. In fact, little has changed her face, as her features remain identical to those already showed in his time.

“The most tender” or “going to give me a cardiac arrest”, were some of the comments that receive the images of when it was. But what draws more attention are their curls and how rebellious that was his hair, although he then made attempts to change it and make it smooth.

We present you the most tender images of Selena Gomez of his childhood, with his cute hair and how it has changed until now:

It is a retro photo. Here it is revealed that carrying a bun or ponytail in the head are always a good idea to be comfortable.

One of the best parts of Day of Mothers is to see the images that celebrities like Selena Gomez share through their accounts of Instagram. She accompanied the post with a loving message dedicated to his mom: I Love this woman any more than you can imagine… Happy day mom!’.

With long hair and a bit of lysate. It has a very similar style to that of two years ago, where lucy his mane long.

Her with longer hair, but your face remains the same, with very few changes, and your smile only.

In this photo you can see the beautiful curls of the singer, and in a style rebel. “With the hair-natural”, posted it in this picture on the social network.

His last picture, the more current. Selena Gomez, age 27, with her hair natural, in your home and going through the quarantine. The most cute are his curls.

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