Selena Gomez is proud of being mexican-american


Selena Gomez led a moving and inspiring message to young people of immigrant families in the ceremony, a virtual graduation called Virtual Start #Immigrad 2020.

The artist spoke as a mexican-american: “When my family came here from Mexico launched my american history, as well as yours. I am a proud mexican-american of the third generation and the journey of my family and their sacrifices, helped me to take me to where I am today. Mine is not a unique story, each and every one of you have a similar story of becoming american.”

Selena he concluded his message to these young people that complete high school and college and inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals: “Regardless of where your family or your immigration status, you have taken measures to get an education and proud of their families, open their worlds. I send all my love and congratulations, I hope you are prepared for all that want to be”.

Selena he also stressed: “I Know that this is a ceremony virtual, but very real, and very real for all of your families, for you and your community. I want you to know that they matter, that their experiences are a large part of the history american. You have all worked incredibly hard to get to this point”.