Selena Gomez wears a jacket floral very cute for fall


Although Selena Gomez is an artist world-renowned and winner of numerous awards in the music at just 27 years old, she is a girl quite open, loving with your audience and easy as any boy his age.

Enjoys cooking, sharing it with their friends and family, going out for a stroll and for those moments always have the perfect casual look, that combines beauty and comfort at the same time.

The jacket floral Selena Gomez

Some time ago it was captured by the paparazzi on the street, looking radiant with a casual outfit composed by a pair of jeans and a jacket floral that will surely make you stand out wherever you go.

If your look there is a piece very colorful, as in this case the jacket, should then balance the outfit with a garment which is neutral, in this case a bodice with strips of white cotton.

The hair led him loose with natural waves and wore sandals high black and knotted at the ankle, super combinable with any type of trousers, shorts or a skirt, no matter what the occasion.

If you have a meeting at night, they give you a very personality and attitude and a jacket of leather that you always give us a touch rebellious and irreverent.

The jackets maxi are always an option to look more chic and be super comfortable without any tight clothing that bothers us.

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