So it was like Shawn Mendes taught him to ride a bike to Camila Hair


Camila Hair he told how he taught Shawn Mendes to ride a bike this quarantine…

Camila and Shawn have taken advantage of the quarantine to do a lot of things as a couple, the guys claim to be learning new skills from each other, and during a live broadcast on Instagram, Camila revealed that finally learned to ride a bike thanks to the classes of Shawn.

I know it’s not had a good reputation for not knowing how to ride a bike, so I wanted to come here and clarify everything. I learned to ride a bike! It Shawn taught me! “What I’ve learned in the past few weeks, so that is exciting!“: Says Camila.

Later, Camilla came out to show off their new skills with the bike, next to Shawn, his boyfriend of a dream!

But learning to ride a bike is not the only thing that has been doing the couple, Camila ensures that Shawn is also teaching to play the guitar and she to him is teaching you to speak in Spanish, its quarantine is being super productive!

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