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Leyon Azubuike, the personal trainer of the actress, has revealed what exercises does the interpreter to show off that hot body



On the 11th of February, Jennifer Aniston met 51 years old and has reached that age boasting a spectacular figure. After seeing the photos of an article for a magazine that boasted of a wasp waist, their fans wondered how to get the interpreter to stay in shape. What is your secret? One of the keys is the exercise routine that performs with their coach, Leyon Azubuike, and has shared in an interview in Womens”s Health.

Jen works up to seven days a week for an hour and a half each session, depending on the commitments you have at that time“says the expert and co-owner of Gloveworx, a study of boxing last generation facilities and performance sport that combines boxing with strength and conditioning in a team environment. Azubuike uses a technique of training called “periodization”, which means that you divide your routines into phases which may include programs weekly, monthly or yearly. “If I know that it is not recording anything is very different if I know they will be busy with filming or receiving a prize: I’m not going to destroy your legs in the gym the previous day“he relates. The days that you train, he gets up very early for your visit to the gym does not interfere with the rest of the time. So, there are times when you trained 7 days, and others where it makes physical activities more long but only three or four days.

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In addition, the coach says that frequently changes the table of exercises Aniston to not tire or become bored, something that usually happen to everyone who go to the gym and always have the same routines. Boxing, jump rope, crunches, planks… the interpreter does all sorts of exercises and, according to his coach, he has developed a great resistance, especially in the exercises core. “She has to respond when you say that you must do some form of exercise,” explains Azubuike. “If you have a photo shoot at 3 in the morning and we need to do a workout before, let’s go. We respect each other in that sense, so being consistent is essential to understand each other on a mutual basis,” he adds.

I’m a big fan of changing things, so the body reacts in a positive way and change,” he says. One of the exercises that you love to Aniston is the boxing: “Is the training longer with that I continue to be in addition to the yoga“, recounted last year in an interview to In Style. But in addition, Azubuike ensures that she loves to do sit-ups. “Every exercise we do, she dominates,” he confesses. “You can make tables of exercises for two or three minutes quite easily. We do a chin-up bar v-ups or squats,” explains the coach. “Here is a woman who has always been physically amazing and I have the task to keep it that way and take it to a higher level”, he concludes.

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