Star Wars: What Might “Just” find a new life in Disney Plus?


The forgotten “Only” was the movie of Star Wars did Disney put on hold their intentions to spin-off with characters solo. The under performance at the box office, and the harsh criticism by specialists and fans, ended up burying any similar project. However, one of them –the now mini-series Obi-Wan found a second life in Disney Plus.

The new streaming service is a means by which they will see the light of the upcoming titles television franchise. His most recent success is “The Mandalorian” who has already put you to work at your computer for at least 3 seasons. But… could it really be a new opportunity for “Only”? What is certain is that for the title, is somewhat more complicated.

The star Alden Ehrenreich is currently working on “Brave New World”, a program of science fiction with Peacock of NBC. That has already been filmed, but if you are staying for a second delivery, it may not be free to join Disney. Donald Glover, who was a great asset in the film as Lando, also does not have enough free time in your agenda, to divide between the success of Atlanta and her musical career.

The former “Game Of Thrones”, Emilia Clarke, at least it is one of the that are available until the moment, being his latest role in the romantic comedy: “Last Christmas”. But beyond the availability of their stars, it is unlikely that Disney you want to re-watch one of the titles that gave the worst results. In addition, this already has a long row of projects with best wishes on the way.

Many of them even stood in another line of time, as is the case of the prequel “Rogue One” inspired by the character of Cassian Andor. In addition many fans are excited about exploring characters fresh, as is the jump to the real action of the much-loved Ahsoka Tano. The only way to pair it with another title would be with the number of Obi Wan, but everything indicates that the company of the Mouse is in search of other horizons with the Galaxy far, far away.