Stars, cars more iconic of the film


The seventh art has presented us cars that today are considered legends. Vehicles, which in its time became the object of desire of many of the lovers of the speed.

Movie directors are aware of the choice of the car so if it is critical for the story they want to tell as if you do not: if the vehicle had been another, the tape would not have been so successful or, in the worst case, no one would agree to it.

Below, we present cars that were popular in the movies, thanks to the classic moments that its wonderful characters have been given away to the spectators from several years ago. Protagonists as the scientist Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future, Toretto in Fast and Furious or Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) in I Am Legend, won the heart of the public not only the charisma but also for his great exploits performed in the hand of a great car that accompanied them on their adventures.

Some models are adapted, others are the designs completely originaleven some fans were fortunate enough to obtain them through auctions.

Ford Gt40 Ford Vs Ferrari

The car starred in the film that talks about the great battle between the brands, Ford and Ferrari. It was driven by Christian Bale in his role of Ken miles in the 24 hours of Le Mans 1966. The movie starring this vehicle is a winner of two Oscars.

Ford Mustang: I Am Legend

What drove Will Smith in the role of dr. Robert Neville in the history posapocalíptica. The 2007 model is red with white stripes. The site of the Ford Mustang in the film earned him the brand in 2008, the award Brand-cameo Scene Stealer Award.

Dodge Charger R/T: Fast and Furious

Without a doubt, this is the car badge of Toretto and the most identifiable with the series, present in almost all the movies. The vehicle is known for his incredible engine of 900 horsepower and by maintaining the record of traveling a quarter mile in nine seconds.

Volkswagen Deluxe: Herbie Full Throttle

Also known as ‘Cupid motorized’, Herbie is the star of its tapes the same name. It is a Volkswagen, 1963, color pearl white, upholstered gray and inside finish, matte grey low reflectivity to avoid problems with the lights of the filming.

Delorean Dm12: Back To The Future

The vehicle is an original model created by John DeLorean. It was chosen by the scientist, Emmet Brownto be able to go back to the future and to better understand the history of our universe. Despite not being a sales success, today, it is an object of worship.