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Wednesday, 27 may, 2020 | 09:29

There is craft in the world that has not been affected by the coronavirus. Since a pandemic struck mankind, the way we live and work has changed radically in every way, just that some professionals are facing challenges larger than others.

Such is the case of paparazzi, those photographers specializing in capturing images prying of celebrities. How do you continue picking stars if all of them are in confinement? Although the paparazzi have been accused of being experts in invading the privacy, nothing they can do when their objectives are behind four walls.

Giles Harrison, american photographer, 51, who portrays celebrities in their daily travel on the west side of Los Angeles, told The New York Times that the challenging part of your job is that, from California

Goldie Hawn, 74 years of age, and the actor Kurt russell, 69 years old, went out to a bike ride on Sunday afternoon (may 10) in Brentwood, California issued an order stay at home in march, there has been less celebrity to ‘hunt’.

Your only advantage in these times is that it is “very good for detecting people, even when they use face cloths.

“I’m quite phenomenal. Literally, I can recognize someone from behind only for his walk, his hairstyle, his body language,” he said.

The owner of London Entertainment Group, a group of paparazzi, she said that before the arrival of the Covid19, he and his team of 15 to 20 photographers got up to 200 photos of celebrities in the month and provided exclusively to the photo agency Splash News, which then allowed them to media such as Us Weekly, TMZ and The Daily Mail.

In the last month, Harrison and his team have portrayed only 30 or 40 images usable: Don Cheadle doing exercise, Tyra Banks shopping at Target, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger taking a walk around the neighborhood. with his chinstrap to give on bike rides with her son samuel

As well as in Los Angeles, in New York there are many celebrities to portray. Thousands Diggs, a photographer for 25 years working in ‘The Big Apple’, explained that stars like Amy Schumer and Hugh Jackman were, but the vast majority of the celebrities with headquarters in New York fled to their vacation homes. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, who, according to Diggs, it is “a staple of West Village”, has escaped to the Hamptons.

It is indisputable that some celebrities have taken advantage of more quarantine than others to be noticed.

For example, in Miami Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been giving long and slow walks in the neighborhood of the singer, holding hands and carrying cups of coffee (apparently empty) as accessories.

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