That Margot Robbie feel an impostor in Hollywood, it can only mean one thing


The DC universe you’re in luck: Margot Robbie has returned to play Harley Quinn, who now meets with her friends (superheroínas) in Birds of prey. Next to it, you have posed Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Rosie Perezfor the cover of the american edition of the magazine Glamour, where Robbie spoke about the concerns faced by actresses; doubts, insecurities and fears deadly which also affect the celebs. In fact, the actress who played Sharon Tate in Once upon a time in… Hollywood recognized that she would like to return to the past, when she played Donna in the series Neighborsto offer words of comfort. “I would like to tell you, ‘you’re really good’. The hardest thing for me was the syndrome of the impostor”.

A reality that not only do they face the actresses; they also suffer from professionals in areas diametrically opposed that, despite the achievements and the hard work, continue to feel that they are not to the height. “Sometimes, I still have it and I think that the whole world will notice. ‘How did you come here? Do you think you are good enough for this? Who has left to enter?’”. Because as many times it happens, she is his criticism more demanding. “I don’t think that there is a single thing that I would think, ‘you nailed it’. I always think, ‘you’ve started to do so but after you have made a mistake, so next time, make it different’”.

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But these are not the only demons that Robbie is facing. There are other more tangible and have more to do with his work as a producer (for example, in Birds of prey). “People have internalized; even if you do the one that takes the decisions, are directed to the older man that are more near and you ask him. It is something inherent that everyone carries in their DNA,” lamented the actress. “They ask questions and I have the answers, but were directed to my fellow producers and ask them. ‘As it is a matter of funding, I will ask him’. And they reply, ‘actually, she is the one who has the answer, you should ask her,’” she explained.

It is the social construct with which we have grown. I think what’s interesting is that now the whole world is aware of this fact and usually realizes. I think that people want to embrace equality. And I also think that I am surprised not to have done it before, not being aware of it and not be in that vital moment,” settled the actress.