The bronzers and blushes in cream Fenty Beauty by Rihanna are the great discovery of makeup for this summer


We all know that there are makeup products that according to the type of skin we have, we already know at first sight that we cuadrarían or not. So, we have dry skin, we know that the cosmetics in cream there are always going to be best allies since they do not dry out and will work better on our skin. Well, you can imagine when they came to my hands the new bronzers, and blushers of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna simply, I was amazed.

Cream and cheak fenty beauty by rihanna

So, on the one hand we have the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer that are bronzers in cream that we provides the skin with a natural tan (forgive the redundancy), bright and fresh.

These products are multipurpose, things as they are, because we can tan, define or contour the face with them, as they are available in seven shades in range neutral, warm and cold, including the hue Amber in the Match Stix that is the number 1.

Cream and cheak fenty beauty by rihanna

The numbers that I have are the 1, 4 and 5 and, although at this point I am very blanquita skin, oddly enough, I liked most of all is the 5, also has a slight golden tone that feels great to the skin, even mine, although I also say that I will be better when you have a little morenito.

Are a few bronzers super soft, with a formula is very light which makes it blend with the skin at the time and with little effortwithout the need of being very skilled in the techniques of make-up (as is my case, being honest).

I have applied both with a sponge and the new brush 125 of Fenty Beauty (35,55 €) it is wonderful and the finish is great in both cases, in the first more juicy and natural, in the second something more intense. But in any case, very natural


The number 1 I see this more for contouring the face since it is a shade more grey and, frankly, I like it less, while the 4 and the 5 are warm and precious, being the last, the darkest, the one that has a sub-channel setting gold is ideal. Come on, when I saw them I thought that “go, don’t go for me the shades” and definitely, yes.

It is a makeup with a low amount we can get great results and, in addition, it is perfectly suited to applying a little more product.

Finish lightly coated and juicy but perfectly suitable for all skin, even fat, and that remains intact much longer than might be expected. We will, that I have loved and I seem to be a great signing for this summer. Its price is 32,55€.



Cream and cheak fenty beauty by rihanna

And then we go on to the blushes, the Cheeks Out Freestyle. At this point, I must confess, that with the blushes in cream in general I have major problems, especially in regard to that requires more technique for application.

And that is, if I apply it with fingers that is the first thing that brings me this type of products, I removed the base makeup because I just by dragging, the same thing happens to me with the ball, so that I can do no other than apply them with a sponge for me to stay well. Here already comes the skill of each one, things as they are. But it happens to me with everyone, not just with these.

Cream and cheak fenty beauty by rihanna

In regard to the selection of colors, we have 10 tones. Yes, 10! With a palette of the most varied and inclusive, that covers all the possibilities, all of them! Thus, we have from a golden tone into the number 1, a red 6 or a purple at the 7 which, by the way, on the cheek is surprisingly well because, to be frank, did not give a hard for him.



In the swatches I have done with the fingers (in order of numbering) and slightly difuminé with a brush so that there were very color-saturated, as you can see, there are options to suit all tastes and skin tones.

By the color of my skin, as well as for my preferences when it comes to makeup that are now more well-rested, my biggest ally has been the number 2, the Petal Poppin (the second from the right of the first photo).

Given that now, the confinement and that with the masks is complicated, I don’t do makeup much, but that’s what I’ve used already several times, as well as the number 5 Strawberry, interestingly. I want to be a little brown for the shades 8 to 10, honestly.

Are blushes that leave a healthy look to the cheeks, that despite the fact that pigmentan a lot, if we take a small amount and work well (which is not as easy as I have said) the result is very nice and durable as well. The best thing, is that I think that it is a product that we can take advantage and use up as shadows, or even a touch of colour to the lips, why not. Its price is 22,55 euros.


The product was provided for testing by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. You can check our policy of relations with companies for more information.

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