The celebrities give up their Instagrams and Twitters to the scientists to fight against the coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the crisis of the coronavirus there are many celebrities that we have seen show her more caring, with donations in the millions, making the purchase for those who have less or throwing messages of support to those fighting in the front line against the pandemic. And now comes a nice initiative in which a good number of celebrities are going to fight against the virus… jerking to one side.

Because by withdrawing temporarily from their profiles in social networks, which accumulate hundreds of millions of followers, give voice to scientists, the covid-19.

Hugh Jackman, Julia Roberts –who has given his Instagram to the doctor Anthony Fauci–, Millie Bobbie Brown or Penelope Cruz –that will be a direct yielding its virtual community to the doctor Bonaventura Clotet June 1– are collaborating in this campaign called #PassTheMic, which has launched the ONE Campaign, the NGO co-founded by Bonus, the vocalist of U2.

“To defeat the virus means listen to the experts and follow the science, the data and the facts to get ahead. This impressive group of talents and experts from around the world will highlight the need for a global response to this pandemic,” explained the CEO of the NGO, Gayle Smith. “We need cooperation and global action to combat this pandemic, especially for people, communities and countries that are less able to resist the shock. Because none of us is safe until all of us are safe”.

All the celebrities and experts who are participating in this laudable campaign can be found on the official website of the initiative, Pass The Mic.

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