The christmas carol, Mariah Carey arrives at the no. 1 Billboard 25 years later | Culture and entertainment | Edition America

Twenty-five years after its launch, the christmas song “All I want for Christmas is you”, Mariah Carey, has achieved the first position in the list of singles more sold in the united States that publishes the music magazine Billboard.

After staying in the third position last year, the artist is able to lead this week’s “The Hot 100” -the name of the list-a place that had not been occupied until now, has confirmed to Billboard on Twitter.

Since the beginning of the Christmas, reproductions, and purchases of “All I want for Christmas is you” have been growing and this has been reflected in the list with a rise of jobs progressive to rise, for the first time, as a song most sold in the country.

With the message “We did it”, the artist has celebrated the news on Twitter, social network that the November 1, welcomed Christmas with a video in which it sounded like the classic musical, written by her and Walter Afanasieff.

With this first post, “All I Want for Christmas is you” becomes the second christmas song to reach such a position in the list of Billboard, because the first was “The Chipmunk Song” (1958), The Chipmunk.

In addition, the classic christmas also occupies from a few weeks ago, the first positions in the list of most played songs on Spotify, where, this week, was in third place with nearly 4 million views daily.

The success of “All I want for Christmas is you” is the nineteenth number 1 of Mariah Carey’s “The Hot 100” Billboard, a place that has been occupied previously with songs like “Always be my baby”, “Hero” or “Touch my body”, that was his last top 1 11 years ago.