The coach of Adele advises you on how to keep in shape in quarantine


The best tips of the hand of one of the creators of the amazing turn of the british singer.

Adele created a huge impact when he posted a photo of herself with a new look to celebrate their birthday 32. Pete Geracimo, your personal trainer, is one of the professionals behind that change.

Geracimo believes there are many small steps and important that you can take to keep you in shape within the limits of your own home. Here are some tips:

Stay in motion

According to published the journal People, for Geracimo “there is no exercise right or wrong to do to get in shape. We all have limitations of time, even in quarantine. Try to stay in movement for a minimum of 15 minutes. Keep your heart rate elevated. If you do not do something outside your comfort zone, you will not get the results that you want. As you improve your fitness levels, you can increase the amount of time in movement”.

Challenge yourself

“The positive of being in quarantine is that it allows us to work discreetly with our weak points in the comfort of our homes. Then it is the perfect time to establish ourselves daily challenges in which we do an exercise or movement and what we refine every day.”

“For example, with lizards. Begins with a, then with each day that passes, it adds an additional repetition. You will be surprised how fast this will increase your confidence.”

It’s all about portions

“Imagine building your food. Choose a protein, choose some veggies and a carbohydrate. Now we all know that a big problem with the “diets” of today is portion control. Everything seems to be of great size. Therefore, if you do not have how to measure your portions of food, a trick that I use to evaluate my food using my hands. A hand is equivalent to the amount of total protein. My other hand is equivalent to the portion of the combined total of carbs and fats”.

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