The coronavirus causes delays on new music of Cardi B


The singer Cardi B takes already a whole year if you bring out a new single to market, and what is certain is that the current crisis of the coronavirus has not made another thing that to delay their plans to return in style to those lists of successes which came to dominate with an iron fist for the better part of 2018 and 2019.

With luck, so long could end very soon, because the rapper has assured his followers of the social networks that their next single is, quite literally, falling. However, just then has made a small nuance that seems to contradict directly their own statements.

Through a direct connection through Instagram, the singer has revealed that his initial intention was to publish the song, which has not transcended even its title or its theme, the past month of march, an idea frustrated that, at the same time, you will be provided some free time to continue working to fund in which will be his second studio album.

My single will arrive very, very soon, really“ he said first, then add some confusion to their assertions. “My single will arrive when you have lost weight, or never!“, has joked. “Everything has had to be delayed because of the coronavirus, but I’m still working on the disk“ he explained just after.