The emotional message of John Hill Yadhira Carrillo for his birthday


The actress did not abandon their weekly visits to the Prison or on his birthday

Last may 12, the actress Yadhira Carrillo met 47 years old, the protagonist of soap opera, celebrated its day very differently, not only by the sanitary contingency, but because he spent without her husband Juan Collado, who are deprived of their liberty since July of 2019.

The actress was captured in one of his weekly visits to the Prison North, which coincided just with the date of your birthday, and there he confessed to the touching words that the lawyer dedicated to him on this anniversary.

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Yadhira Carrillo he said for the cameras of the program, “Drop the soup” that, despite its circumstances, had a sweet birthday in the company of her husband, and even shared the sweet words that Pass dedicated to him on this birthday: “I said: ‘Yadhi, God gave us life to love, but on all the things to be responsible for the person that we have on the side, and that is what I’m going to make the whole life with you’,” said Carrillo.

The entrepreneur had already explained, in a previous encounter with the press, which each year is usually to celebrate your birthday in a different way, and that this would certainly be one of the most significant in your life, which you will get a great learning experience. “All (my birthday) are different, all of them. And it is very good to learn that in life you are going to step, and that today you have and tomorrow you don’t have,” said the actress.

The main character of the soap, also spoke on that occasion about the sadness that lives Juan Collado by not being able to be together, however, is a firm believer that your husband will soon be out free.

This is one more proof that the actress has a loyalty and devotion to her husband’s surprising, since neither in the worst has been removed from the side, shown that their love and affection towards him are unshakable.

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