“The Eternals”: Kit Harington breaks the silence about the delay of the movie of Marvel


The pandemic of coronavirus has spread around the globe at an alarming rate. This made, with the intention of stopping its spread, the entertainment industry had to take a step back at the request of governments. Inevitably, many of the productions have ceased their shooting, others saw its release on digital and other directly were deferred. This was the case of the expected film Marvel starring Kit Harington: “The Eternals”.

Initially the title of the Phase 4 starring the former “Game Of Thrones”, would see its debut in November of this year. Now, however, not until February of the next year. At least, both “The Eternals” as “Black Widow”, they seem to be firm in meeting despite the setbacks presented by the calendar, as these have ended with their filming. At least according to the recent sayings of the hero holder.

The actor Kit Harington, recently participated in a session questions and answers with his fans, revealing some additional details on his debut in the Movie Universe of Marvel. “Well, The Eternals are made, that is filmed,” said Harington. “It’s just that, God knows what happened… or what is going on with him, I have no idea. I don’t know what is going on with anything at this time”.

Although the fact that “The Eternals” has finished shooting should be quite encouraging, your later comments are a bit worrying. Probably does not relate to any problem of the production itself, but to the general context in which it should be opened step. In like manner this won’t prevent some fans to worry about.

The debut of Kit Harington in Marvel Studios

After giving life to Jon Snow, Kit Harington it is ready to make his debut in Marvel of the hand of the director Zhoe Chao. The film will introduce a whole new group of heroes played by great talents. Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and his former co-star in GOT, Richard Madden are some of them. Harington, for his part, Harington will give life to Dane Whitman alias the Black Knight, the protagonist of the film.