The forbidden journey of Shakira in a private jet (and without Pique) that is top secret in Barcelona

May 26, 2020
(14:25 CET)

Shakira is deeply concerned by the pandemic coronavirus. The colombian singer will not bond to eye with everything that you round the head.

Especially by the numbers of affected and dead that come from United States. The news arriving from the other side of the pond are hitting hard the home of Shakira and Gerard Pique. The couple formed by the colombian singer and footballer of the Barca not bond eye.

The united states, the most hit by the coronavirus

The north american country is the most affected by the COVID-19. It is the place where there are more known cases of infected and dead. In total, at the time of writing these lines include 1.706.293 cases confirmed and 99.807 deceased. And the numbers are very, very worried. The Barranquilla can’t stop thinking about her parents.

Shakira's parents

These are found living in Miamiand , although respected to the maximum, the confinement, do not cease to be people of risk. And Shakira can’t stop thinking that something terrible could happen at any time.

The forbidden journey of Shakira

So much so that, according to count sources close to the couple, Shakira would have seriously considered to organize some form of transfer of their parents to Spaineither doing it to them or putting a private jet to come to them. Even you would have contacted the airport to discuss the possibilities.

The south american finally not able to find the formula and his relatives advised him that it was best to leave things as they were, because they are better confined at home, catching planes and exposing themselves to unnecessary exposure.

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