The full list of titles leaving Netflix in June


The full list of titles leaving Netflix in June has arrived. As every month, as well as new content arrives, also another farewell to the catalog of the company, an unfortunate news if among these productions is your favorite.

From this first of June this content will no longer be available. His destination is uncertain, because if the licences are renewed it is likely that we see later, although if this does not happen it is time to say goodbye forever to him.

Sadly, a lot of content from Disney, as well as popular movies like ‘The house on the lake’, ‘I am Sam’, ‘Frida’, ‘Easy’ and more make up the list. Enjoy the last days to see it before his departure.

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01 June

  • Kung Fu panda: holiday
  • Tyke elephant outlaw
  • Secrets of Henry vill”s palace
  • Betting on Zero
  • Secrets of highhclere castle
  • Devil’s bride
  • Secrets of the tower of London
  • Burlesque: heart of the glitter tribe
  • Secrets of her majesty’s secret service
  • Heidi
  • Secrets of Chatsworth
  • Atlantis: the lost empire
  • 10 years ago Peter Capusotto
  • Easy rider
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

The movie starring the mexican Salma Hayek ‘Frida’, also form a part of this list.

  • Confesions of brazilian call girl
  • Frida
  • Legend
  • Drunken master
  • I promise you anarchy
  • Tangled
  • The devil complex
  • The vessel
  • The remains of the day
  • Full house
  • Glactik Football
  • In to the forest
  • You again
  • We put together the fat
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Internet: the film
  • We put together the fat the double: a mission Las Vegas
  • Chingo bling: they can’t deport us all
  • Request
  • Jessabelle

It is increasingly common for content from Disney out of the catalog of Netflix. This month several animated films of the company are leaving to migrate to other streaming servers.

  • Matian child
  • Bones
  • Blue thunder
  • Easy To
  • Exposed
  • I am Sam
  • Taking lives
  • Outbreak
  • The house on the lake
  • Wrath of the titans
  • Spawn: the movie
  • White House down
  • Romeo Must Die
  • Guardians of the Galaxy animated series
  • Daniel el travieso
  • Tucker: the man and his dream
  • Imperium
  • Passengers
  • Kung Fu hustler

The popular series ‘Mad Men’ will no longer be available the first day of the month of June.

June 02,

June 08

June 10,

June 18,

June 20

  • The Vietnam war: a film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
  • The case Assumed operating water Lily

This is your last chance to see again this content will disappear from the catalog of Netflix. Don’t pass none.

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