The gesture of Demi Lovato that has upset the fans of Selena Gomez | Today


When we all thought that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato they had resolved their differences, the interpreter of Anyone to shoot all our doubts. In fact, the main reason for our confusion is found in the Instagram Story that he shared Gomez during a performance of Lovato at the Grammy awards, and that we wanted to highlight a few days ago at our web page. But it seems that all is not gold that glitters.

And is that the reaction of Demi in the face of this gesture of your partner’s profession (and which we considered your new best friend) has pissed off fans of the interpreter Look At Her Now. And not by any bad word or comment unfortunate, but by the absence of their words and their possible revenge.

After Selena shared her excitement via Instagram after seeing the actions of his partner, Demi decided not to respond, although they did share a video that Justin Bieber, ex, Selena, explained some details about the new documentary of his life. “What a great truth! People don’t understand how shocking that can be to tour at such an early age. Will always support it, @justinbieber”added.

This quickly set fire to the networks, which were flooded by criticism to the gesture of the New Mexico. Why he decided to save his answer to Selena Gomez but he has shared his reaction to the words of your ex? What will be your revenge to the friendship of Taylor Swift and the Texas? Do already are not so good friends? Many of his followers support the idea that took care of thank for the support to Gomez in their privacy, while others contend that they can never resolve their differences.

Be that as it may, Demi managed to raise millions of spectators were not lacking to his appointment with the Grammy on January 26. Only needed to hear the first few chords of Anyone live for the tears to start to see the faces of their followers and other celebrities that heard that. Even Selena Gomez!

And you, do you think that Demi yes, answered her companion through a message or you strongly believe in that you will never be able to give a chance to your friendship?