The impressive resemblance between Sophie Turner and her double


With his long red hair and blue eyes, Laura Butler, county Laois, Ireland, was confused regularly with Sophie Turner on the set, and even the actress herself acknowledged the strong resemblance.

After registering at an agency, of extras, Laura received a call inviting her to work as a substitute for the series ‘Game Of Thrones‘in 2017.

She claims that their actions of costume were so close to Sophie that even did extra work as your doubleas she appears in the episode of season eight “The long night”.

The cast and crew regularly confused with the actress.

But it was not until Sophie revealed in an interview in June that up Joe Jonas he had “tried to kiss her double“and that Laura realized that even he was confused.

Laura Ireland, said: “Definitely take it as a compliment, is a compliment as good”.

“In pictures, I guess I see the resemblance, but when I’m standing next to her or looking at her directly I don’t see it”.

“I think it’s more the character that the own Sophie, if that makes sense. I’m not sure if it is the color of the hair.” But even she said to herself: “Oh, this is a little weird.”

“Some of my friends told me things throughout the school. I had seen pictures of it, but I didn’t think that I look like her at that time. Personally I didn’t see it but they did. I don’t think I’d seen him until I met her. But I don’t think that I really have been affected. Obviously we are two different people who live lives completely different.”

Laura says that they regularly ask him if he knows who looks like Sophie and even asked that he pose for photos with fans while on vacation in Disneyland.

“It has changed my life in some way, to be able to work in Game of Thrones for so long and have met amazing people and talented who worked there and even be good friends with the other surrogates.”