The Kardashian, at the invitation of luxury to the wedding of Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence (28) announced at the beginning of the month throughout this year you will pass by the altar of the hand of her current boyfriend, the gallery owner, new york Cooke Maroney (33). After the surprising revelation, which caught everyone by surprise, the low media profile of the couple, the interest to know more details about the future ceremony, it has not ceased to increase.

The interpreter, one of the most prominent figures of Hollywood today, maintains friendship with other celebrities of the first line as Emma Stone or the singer Adeleso there is a lot of expectation to know what will be the list of invitees to the banquet. And apparently, as revealed in the exclusive portal american-Hollywood Life, several of the members of the family, the more famous of the reality tv show american could be the first to lead this list.

Lawrence, a fan of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians!’

The relationship of Jennifer Lawrence with the Kardashians has left moments endearing. The oscar-winning actress has always recognized to be a big fan of the famous clanand he was able to see fulfilled his desire to establish a deal with its largest representative, Kim, when interviewed in the framework of the program of Jimmy Kimmel at the end of 2017. In the wake of that event, Lawrence would have narrowed even more the relations with the family, coming to dine with them at the home of Kris in Calabasas and halagándolas without concession. “They are ready, normal, fun, and have the feet on the ground”came to say the young, ensuring that they had always been “lovely” with her.

And according to a source close to the circle of the actress, both the matriarch as Kim would already be listed on the provisional list of the weddingof which is still unknown to date. The source also pointed out that “although neither his friends nor his family know if it is a joke, Jen has mentioned that she would like Kim to one of her ladies of honor”. Although this last is by seeing if it is finally confirmed, Hollywood Life ensures that the invitations are beyond any doubt.

You have to remember that the relationship between Lawrence and the Kardashian is not limited to the social. During the filming of the esperpéntico film of horror ‘Mother!’, that the actress starred under the direction of his former partner, Darren Aronofskythis commented that his “place of retreat” in the face of powerful psychological burden of the film was a shop that asked to lift on the set with photographs and videos of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians!’ “Assumed my happy place,” said the actress.