The past of Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan in Lyon


Few footballers are more accustomed to winning than
Megan Rapinoe
and Alex Morgan. United Statesthat this Sunday pugnará by the fourth World cup of their history, is the machine better oiled in terms of selections, but there is also another similar when we talk of clubs. This is the Olympique Lyon, the entity which both the extreme as the front know about.

It’s hard to see the best players on the other side of the Atlantic stepping on european soil and, interestingly, both did so years ago in the city that can coronarlas as world champions for the second time. The Lyon is the best team in the Old Continent. 13 successive titles, seven cups and six Champions, four of them in a row, speak for themselves.

Megan Rapinoe, during his time at Lyon

Megan Rapinoe, during his time at Lyon

Rapinoe and Morgan contributed to any of these successes to expand its limited achievements at the level of clubs. They knew when to choose the moment of living the experience abroad. Typically this will coincide with the end of the season in the american league and the beginning of the next, and in addition, in the year in which no World or Olympic Games in order not to risk your call.

The first to disembark was the most veteran: Rapinoe (33 years old), who played in two short stages. He signed for OL in January 2013 to play the final phase of the season. It was a contract of six months in which he won league and cup French. However, could not hold the Champions to fall in the final against Wolfsburg. Once completed the course, he enlisted the Reign of Seattle to play the north american championship during the summer.

The americans, reluctant to european adventures, signed by a team in which to expand his short list of achievements at the level of clubs

When he started the new season in Europe, he returned to the discipline of Lyon until the end of January, when he decided to terminate his contract for personal reasons. He missed his family and friends, in addition to accumulating very often hours of travel to go play with his country. In total, he played 28 matches in which scored 8 goals.

Morgan, for his part, he played at Lyon in 2017. His signing generated a lot of media noise, although in the end his step was restricted from march to September. Debuted big with a hat-trick in the Cup of France. At the end of the campaign stood with 12 goals in 16 matches in the three competitions that he won, including the Champions league.

After achieving a continental, the front california for 30 years recently turned played during the summer in the Orlando Pride, and no longer. Came to an agreement with the French club to end their link, and continue in his country to “progress”, as she said it.