The secret of Kim Kardashian to show off her lips extragruesos and with volume


Did you know that the shape of the lips reflects, in many cases, the personality and character of a person?. And is that the great truth is that the lips play a very important role in the configuration of the face.

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This knows to the perfection the socialite, businesswoman and star of tv, Kim Kardashian, who he pays a lot of attention to this area of the face and has a perfect technique to make them look more thick, fleshy, with volume. All this without the need of resorting to painful and dangerous injections.

Lips of an impact

Recently, Kim Kardashian 39-year-old revealed one of her famous tricks of beauty to take advantage of the contouring: the makeup technique that she popularized in her lips, with the aim of enlarge it and give it more volume.

The secret is that Kim uses a stick in the cream one or two shades darker than your own skin to surround the edges of your lips, creating a shadow around it.

Later, she softens the stroke difuminándolo with the tip of the fingers. So, it creates the effect of a mouth with “more volume”, but it must be done with some caution so as not to become exaggerated.

Which reflect the thick lips

The lips are fleshy or bulky and great at the same time dan, at first glance, impression of being an extrovert and daring, besides being very passionate and captivating.

If you also have a lot of thick your lips are wide, this reflects a personality that is open, passionate, popular and bold.

This type of lips also reflects a woman, a perfectionist, intuitive, determined and persistent and always achieves what is proposed, all of this complements the personality style of the own Kim Kardashian.

In addition, if your lips are heart-shaped this reflects very seductive and reveal an honest person, pleasant, dreamy and intelligent.

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