The secret of the abdomen of Jennifer Aniston at 51 years old


The coach of the actress of “Friends” reveals what is the table of exercises with the get a hot body

Updated 25/02/2020 13:45

The time seems not to pass to Jennifer Aniston! The admired actress has just turned 51 springs and has boasted of six packone of the areas of the body that ms works and… We know how!

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In the last few days, Jennifer Aniston has grabbed all the headlines. And not for anything related to your meditico (and esperadsimo) encounter with Brad Pitt at the SAG 2020. Since joining the universe Instagram, just four months ago, which gave life to Rachel Green in Friends has not stopped ‘breaking’ the Network. The interpreter has found in the social platform, a tool for ms to interact with his millions of followers, sharing memories of his time in Central Perk and, of course, show the sense of humor that is well known and has been enshrined as one of the actresses, ms dear Hollywood. The californian volva to revolutionize Instagram on the 11th of February, when he celebrated his 51st birthday by sharing an awesome session camera with that ‘presumption’ of a figure spectacular.

In the first of the images to Interview Magazinethe actress poses in a black dress asymmetrical with the left to view his spectacular abs, one of the parts of the body that Jennifer ms ‘crushes’ in the gym… And we know how! Not everything is the result of the predisposition and the u.s. has to organize carefully the agenda to be able to train six das a week under the orders of Leyon Azubuike. The sessions last an hour and a half and begin with the ‘challenge plates’ with his coach. Aniston starts working the core and abdomen with a iron standard (or front). Then, change your position to a side plank with cruch obliquevery demanding in terms of balance and control. The intensity of this circuit increases with the side plank with a blow of leg and, lastly, with the irons high touching the shoulders, a variant complicated that you should try to keep straight the rest of the body while touching your shoulders with your hands.

Thus, the ex of Justin Theroux devotes part of the training time to boxing, one of the disciplines ms complete to define and tone muscles, and takes care to faithfully pursue the food. Like other celebrities as the marriage Hemsworth-Pataky, the actress Friends has revealed that practice intermittent fastingone of the trends of nourishment on the rise which consists in establishing intervals of ms time specific to meals. The pattern most popular area is 16 / 8 (fast for 16 hours a day and eat whatever you want during the other eight remaining hours) and, according to the experts, done properly, can yield big benefits.