The syndrome of the impostor, the ‘evil’ that Margot Robbie suffers


The imposter syndrome it is one of the most intense and negative that someone may suffer, and the bad news is that many people, who have worked hard for their success, who suffer from it. It does not matter if you have the evidence of all his accomplishments, achieved through effort and dedication, there is something in their minds that makes them think they don’t deserve it, and are indeed a fraud. And not only that… but they live tormented with the idea that all “discover” that don’t deserve your success! Without doubt it is one of the syndromes most stressful in the present (taking into account that many people work non-stop to achieve their goals), and it is a fact that any person can get it… show them is that Margot Robbie he has expressed that he is a victim of this way of thinking as negatvio.

Margot Robbie explains that you suffer from this syndrome because in a way the sexism is so normalized in the media, that when it’s time for interviews or to talk about business, people do not usually approach it, being that she is also a producer. In fact, ‘Birds of prey’, the new film from Harley Quinn, is produced by AND STARRING her. It is logical that she is the one that can give you all the answers about the project! “”Is naturally rooted in people, even if it is you who should make the decisions, they turn to the man nearest the hall and asked the questions. It is something inherent that all have in their DNA,” he mentioned Margot Robbie to Glamour UK.