These were the works of the gods of techno before being DJs


Laurent Garnier

Garnier was a lover of music from a young age, and something tells us that he had that view in the fact that would change France and the Uk. In 1984 he came to London and worked as a waiter at the French embassy for a year and a half. He then moved to Manchester, he discovered acid house when he visited the Haçienda and the rest is history.

Nina Kraviz

His first job in college days was as a promoter of the brand of cigarettes Russian, Pyotr Perviy, but Nina had other bowling curious as a journalist in a fanzine, and the magazine of lifestyle Afisha, a model for a perfume from Hugo Boss, a dentist, in a hospital of veterans of war and an advocate in an agency of booking.


Up to 16 years, Dixon made a career as a footballer. In an alternate present, perhaps now his number has been retired from Bayern Munich for top honors, but a knee injury ended his dreams (even though it opened the door to other more musical). And is that little joke, came on to represent East Germany in the lower categories.

Richie Hawtin

Costs of imagine that one of the most popular DJs of the last two or three decades would have a job that was not to shake the dance floors around the world. But to earn a bread and afford to make a career in music, Hawtin had to start from the bottom working in a Mcdonald’s and a clerk in a video clip. The gods of techno are born, but also made.


Before you have a private jet, before you sneak into the negotiated mainstream, before it is even form Major Lazer, Diplo was a teacher at a school for children with behavior problems. In the end he ended up leaving the job because she claimed that there was no respect for their profession and, hey, maybe the kids learn more from him with music therapies.

Ben Klock

The German was a fellow of a study of graphic design at the same time that she began to take more seriously his career as a DJ and producer. In fact, for a time he practiced as a designer at the time working on his first album. In the end, he realized that he could not devote himself to two things, completely, so it ended up focusing on the music. And well they did. All in all, their label, Klockworks, has a visual appearance frankly care.

Amelie Lens

Before being the big star techno model, Amelie Lens was the model when they discovered at Dour Festival. His career was of fable: was in international gateways, went to Jean Paul Gaultier, and Vogue included it in the list of promises 2010 with Cara Delevingne. But the belgian has always been a priority: the techno. In fact, he rejected many gigs as a model because that night he pricked his DJ favorite.

Eats Everything

Dan Pierce began to prick from a young age, but the pitch did not give up that in 2011 he published the hit Entrance Song. Previously, you had to earn the bread with jobs of all kinds. He was first a bricklayer, then worked in a call center as a consultant recruitment…


Before being one of the DJs most charismatic of the open airs around the world, the boss of Diynamic set up his own film production company. For five years, he and his friends were short, but the goat strip to the mount and in the end won his passion for electronic.