This is the collection of solidarity designed by Kendall Jenner to cope with the coronavirus

Clothing brands, celebrities, influencers, celebrities, models… in The fashion industry it seems that are also putting their grain of sand in the middle of a battle against the Covid-19. The latest in animated has been the model Kendall Jenner and what has become of the hand of the creative collective of Zaza Worldthat the model runs together with the DJ Daniel Chetrit. What the goal? Designing a capsule collection whose benefits are intended to help those who have been most affected by the great health crisis.

The own model has been commissioned to unveil this project on Instagram, which has been baptized as ‘State of Emergency’ (State of Emergency). A collection in which we find basic garments with a lot of style ‘casual’ and with prints full of color and messages of encouragement to support this worthy cause.

The capsule collection in particular it is composed by three t shirts, a sweatshirt that includes the message ‘Stay home’ (stay at home), a cap, a cloth bag and a sticker. All products are currently available on the web Zaza World.

T-shirts Zaza World, $ 35.
T-shirts Zaza World, $ 35. / Zaza World

And all at affordable prices around 30 eurosin the case of the t-shirts, or the 60 euros in the case of the hoodies.

Sweatshirt Zaza Worl, $ 70.
Sweatshirt Zaza Worl, $ 70. / Zaza World

What you raise will go to Feeding America, a non-profit organization that helps refugees and soup kitchens in United States and with that they have also collaborated with other famous faces like the singer Miley Cyrus.

1. Bag tote ($30) / 2. Cap ($3) / 3. Sticker ($5).
1. Bag tote ($30) / 2. Cap ($3) / 3. Sticker ($5).