This is the mark of one of the facialistas Hollywood best face puts you and that you can already buy in Spain

The brand homnima of Ole Henriksen, famous for its OleGlow, comes to our country from the hand of Sephora with products for all skins and their needs

Updated 26/05/2020 13:37

Transferred in the past 45 years his philosophy of life to the facial treatment. The happiness that follows from Ole Henriksen est present in each one of the products with which he achieves his famous #OleGlow. Until very recently, those products we can’t get them in Spain but thanks to Sephora, we can already enjoy this Danish brand that is the delight of many celebrities in Hollywood.

He had his first contact with the world of addresses, thanks to his mother, farmacutica of trade that each night ask your children that will extend facial creams before going to bed. Then Ole Henriksen or posed dive into the world of the addresses. Is ms, his first trade was the bailarn. Has a great sense of body care that w continues to grow with daily workouts in your house. However, after wandering around various corners of the world, the bailarn dans is reconvirti in facialista to raz of a acn qustico while I was in Indonesia. All, I met a woman who wanted to help you improve your facial appearance and it was the first that I inyect curiosity for the addresses.

It was possible to overcome the afeccin of your skin a little time before they know who will open the doors of the Christine Shore College of Beauty in London. Dej atrs his career as a bailarn and Indonesia where he was adopted for many years to embark on the addresses in the heart of Europe. During its formation, was a be extrao in a world of women. When finished his studies and purchased some practice in the world of beauty in the salons of Helena Rubinstein is march to Los angeles to try your luck. Thanks to a challenge from THE Times where he presented a report to full color if consegua treat acn qustico of the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the magazine started to advertise their good work. In the matter of das, started to multiply his fame and the celebrities called to your door.

Until then, haba cooked their own formulas in their apartment, with ingredients imported from Israel. In the matter of months, pas of the underground forced the recognition of the public thanks to the glory derived from its clientele. Barbra Streisand was the first familiar face that atendibut since the late 70’s, a long list of actors, singers, presenters and personalities have had their skills and products. Charlize Theron, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Daniel Craig, Katy Perry… (and as to a long etctera) know the benefits that your products reflect on your philosophy of life. Each one of their facial treatments are converted in a therapy psychological. Many of those who have tried it speak as of the essence of their OleGlowa new brightness on the face reflect an inner happiness. This metfora it is understood the little that you investigate the character, which is difficult to find an image where there sonra with amplitude and without backgrounds.

In the united States years ago he reached the top of sales and an remains as one of the brands ms claimed by the public. Their products have been sold out in the shops while you were eternal waiting lists (even up to 10,000 were recorded on the website of Sephora USA) in order to achieve, among others, their famous Truth Serum. For a long time this product was the best seller ms sued in the united States. But not only in all the people are competing to purchase your cosmetics. In the Uk and also sold out the stock of any of its products in the matter of das. In Spain the Danish brand is not so known, but in the rest of the world Ole Henriksen is sinnimo perfect skin.

Stars such as Lady Gaga have recognized his use and powerful qualities. In fact, during the confinement, the star has shown itself in the nets in ms a ocasin wearing a natural skin, juicy and bright. Your make-up artist Sarah Tanno will recomend the serum dans and since then does not use another. This powerful srum anti-aging, is free of oils, is fast absorcin and rich in collagen and extracts of orange and t green besides vitamin C, the star ingredient of Ole Henriksen. Recognize its healing, antioxidant and calming and it considered crucial to the skin.

Truth Serum (47,95€).
Truth Serum (47,95€).

The orange color is the tone ms recognizable in the addresses of the mark, an act ms of vitality with which they identified to Ole Henriksen. Although it is not the only color present in their products. The variety cromtica of the packaging recalls the natural assets that plague their formulas. Its exfoliating Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub contains AHAs (acids gliclico and lctico), sand volcnica and extracts of t green and eucalyptus, kelp, moss and neem oil. The combination of all of them provides you an in-depth cleansing, reducing pores and absorbing excess fat. “I’ve tried many, but Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub is still my favorite”said Halle Berry in one of the tutorials in the beauty of the actress on their social networks.

Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub (24,95 euros).
Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub (24,95 euros).

Now thanks to Sephora, we already can buy in Spain these and other products from the Danish brand. The tnico for the treatment of stains Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner, the night cream with bakuchiol and AHA Goodnight Graw Retinala or the famous eye contour Banana Bright Eye Crme, three products of three lines diferentesque you will be able to conquer both separately and together.

Ole Henriksen believes that the skin is a sign of the fullness of a person. In order to feel that way to look both on the inside as on the outside. Therefore, resignation to the idea that any cosmetics is valid for all skins and his brand focuses on the conditions that you have to treat them in depth. There is that test until you find the treatment that makes you feel happy. And safe that the products of this facialista of happiness be able to get it.