Through his veins runs music… and success

It is said that what is inherited is not stolen and apply for these people who, although they have tried different paths, they have always returned to his greatest love: the art and the music. In this part of the story, only a few have managed to successfully pass the torch from parents to children, or between brothers. EXPRESSIONS told over five family groups that have conquered more than one generation.

Jonas Brothers

❚❘ The brothers Jonas have more than a decade, showing off all his musical talent. Started from his adolescence and, after a separation of a couple of years, have returned to take the charts radial. The Jonas, with his latest album, Music from chasing happiness , entered the top 100 of Billboard. In addition they boast of more than 25 million listeners monthly on Spotify.


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Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne

❚❘ The rock has the best representatives with Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly. The vocalist of Black Sabbath had a lot of impact in music in the 80’s and 90’s. Close my eyes forever, entered the top 10 of the radio stations in the united States. In 2002 Kelly did with her song Papa don t preach.

The Cyrus

❚❘ Billy Ray Cyrus is a music legend of the country. He has had 11 songs in the top 10 of the radio of the united States. Last year he achieved next to Lil Nas X with the theme of Old town road . His daughters have also done their own thing. Miley, a pop star with all its letters, you have a super success: Wrecking ball . While the child from the home, Noah, came with all the musical panorama. In its debut in 2017, the artist alternate put in the ranking of Billboard Make me (cry).

Will Smith and his children Willow and Jaden

❚❘ Will Smith takes the pair a career in music and acting. Its themes of rap have been very well appreciated, Wild Wild west won the number one in 1999. Their children Jaden and Willow are also global successes. Never say Never in 2011, and Whip my hair in 2010 are the songs of their children.

The family Churches

❚❘ Music in Spanish has its representatives. Julio and Enrique Iglesias, although they may not have a close relationship, they’ve crossed borders and were able to enter the anglo market with his mother tongue. July achieved the top 10 with all the girls I’ve loved before ” in 1984. Enrique has 25 songs with great sales and a lot of requests on radio stations. The biggest success is the Dance, in 1999.

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