US MUSIC – The heir to Justin Timberlake is called Sergio Jr. and is the son of mexican


The heir of Justin Timberlake called Sergio Jr., he is the son of mexican and, as told in an interview with Efe, working with the manager of legendary artist has made him believe in himself and has convinced him that the future of music in the U.S. “dancing with the hips and sings in English and in Spanish.”

“In the world of music all know who is Johnny Wright, and as it has created great artists. Which has been set in me to work with him has convinced me that my thing is this. Not only the music, but the music with the seal Latin, that is my thing,” said the singer of 19 years old from the home he shares with his parents in the outskirts of the american city of San Francisco.

“I always dreamed of a manager that I opened doors to fulfill the dreams and it is just what is happening to me,” he said.

Under that umbrella, Sergio Jr. it is debuting this may as a solo artist. The last Friday released its first single entitled “Not easy”, a song-dance interpretation of the ballad. While the music combines the dembow del reggaeton with the rhythm of the cumbia, the letter is romantic and bilingual.

“It represents exactly who I am”, he said from his room, which redecoró with his brother and his girlfriend during the quarantine period, following the trend of painting the walls with geometric figures in two-color pencils that abounds in TikTok.

“I am a young man like any other. Perhaps the difference is that I came at an early age with the security of knowing what I want,” he acknowledged.


Looking back, the artist confessed that his childhood dream was to be a footballer, something that identifies you with Maluma, one of his musical idols.

During a break forced by an injury, a few friends invited him to join a band they were forming, and the love for the music made him forget about the ball.

“It was like magic. I knew immediately that that was my thing,” he recalled.

The same dedication that I had training almost every day, put it to learn to play an instrument and training your voice. So he spent a good part of 2017 by competing in the reality show “Boy Band” of ABC, that ended up winning to become part of the group “In Real Life”.

Immediately signed a contract with Wright, famous for his work with youth groups such as New Kids On the Block, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers and even Often.

They were under his tutelage for two and a half years until this January, when they announced their separation.

The “maker of stars”, had already put the eye at Sergio Jr. and in three months we not only had organized the production of a half-dozen of their songs but until he was presented to Justin Timberlake, who still is in his company’s management of artists and the youngster has as well as north and “a guide”.

Wright has a lot of faith in Sergio Jr., because in statements to Efe to the purpose of the interview of the defendant, the manager said that when they started working in “In Real Life” I was impressed by his “work ethic and his commitment to hone the talent that God gave him.”

“I am very excited with the music that you are creating, as they flow with their lyrics and their dedication to create a sound that represented their roots,” he said.

“It has been refreshing to see him spend hours learning the guitar, keyboards and percussion and incorporate them into his arsenal of talent. Sergio understands that nobody will give nothing away, and is dedicated to becoming a great artist to promote its culture”, completed.


Sergio Jr. it also has a finger on the pulse of the music industry: he speaks of reggaeton with the same ease with which he discusses the songs of Drake or of Vicente Fernandez.

It is the same versatility displayed with its pronunciation impeccable English, although I was born and grew up in California.

We get excited about things like the face of Bad Bunny on the cover of the may issue of Rolling Stone magazine and the participation of Karol G in English in the closing of the graduation ceremony that starred on television’s former president Barack Obama and the basket player LeBron James.

“This is all a sign that finally the united States has accepted that latinos are an essential part of this society and that our music is also the music of this country,” he said.