Users mourning the death of Mac Miller and blame Ariana Grande for cause


United States.- The deceased rapper, Mac Miller, it has remained in trend number one the morning of this Sunday, because users have been reminded of their death, regretting and blaming his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grandefor your death due to the overdose.

As it is known by two aos, Miller, and Great were the american couples ms famous and beloved of the public, until they split and a few months after she is responsible with Pete Davinson and a few ms, Mac died due to a drug overdose in his home.

Their millions of fans since then have honored your memory, even Great, but that has not been excluded from reviews and attacks, as netizens claim that the rapper died with the pain of having lost it and see it committed to another, culpndola by his death.

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It is worth mentioning that there were some other users that are focused on to emphasize that it was beautiful to see Miller in trend because it extraan, so much so that at night they listened to their music and one another saying that Ariana is not tena’s fault of his death.

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Source: Twitter