“We honor all those who served our country”: Jennifer Lopez wrote an emotional post


The singer surprised the netizens with their text.

Jennifer Lopez account with a large number of fans who follow it via the web, as is the case of the 122 million users that it has in the social network of hearts.

In this opportunity, one of the recent publications of the singer has caused many feelings, and because he showed his side more nationalist.

In the us, yesterday we commemorated the “Memorial Day”, and it is for this reason that many celebrities wanted to devote a few words alluding to the date.

The famous used their social networks to write a post, in which he reminded everyone of those fighters who gave their service during this battle.

“Today, we’re going to make noise for our heroes”, were the words that you used to start your post the celebrity american.

Your time the composer of 50 years he added: “we Honor all those who have given their service to this wonderful country and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom”.

As was expected, the message issued by Jennifer Lopez it was very well received by users, who grant him more than 740 thousand “likes” and more than 3 thousand texts almost mostly filled with emoticons of hearts.

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