What Adele is going out with someone after his divorce and loss of weight?


The award-winning singer Adele has had an enviable career so far. He rose to fame in 2008, and has since been recognized throughout the world for his skill with vocals and her meaningful songs.

Although Adele
often tries to keep his personal life a secret, many fans still
curious to know what to do when you’re not making music. Recently, Adele has attracted
attention for her divorce from her husband Simon Konecki and she
Weight loss amazing. Without a doubt, these are major changes in the life of someone,
and has made the viewers to ask: how is dating someone after his divorce and
what loss of weight?

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Adele and Simon Konecki is divorced
in 2019

Adele and Konecki started dating in 2011, and a year later,
they welcomed their son, Angelo. It is not clear exactly when Adele and Konecki
married, but rumors that the singer is married went out in 2017 and
she confirmed this not long after.

Unfortunately, Adele and Konecki announced they were divorcing
in April of 2019. A source told E!
News that the two just “parted ways” as Adele progressed more in
his career.

“Their marriage was clearly working for a long time”
the informant explained. “Every time that she was in large openings, and special
events, he used to be with her, and they looked really happy together and
fallen in love with. They were at the marriage more or less until they decided to this only
no longer works “.

According to reports, Adele has lost
150 pounds in the past year

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Adele made a big change last year, but it was not only
in his civil status of The fans noted that her appearance has changed dramatically

In early may, she shared a photo on Instagram to celebrate
met 32 years ago, and many fans saw that they was having fun
A slimmer figure. Although Adele didn’t share how much weight you have
lost, we said a medical expert
On a weekly basis that could be as much as 150 pounds.

According to the personal trainer of Adele, Pete Geracimo, of Adele
weight loss has always tried to be a healthier version of itself
of “get super skinny”.

“When [her album] 25
he fell, and the tour announced, we had to prepare for a grueling 13 months
hours “, explained Geracimo. “At that time, she was encouraged to train and did
best food options. As a result, lost considerable weight, and the people took

It also noted that Adele has “embraced a better power supply
habits and commitment to your physical state “.

What Adele is going out with someone after her?
divorce and weight loss?

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Since her divorce, Adele has been linked with some famous
faces, including Skepta and Harry
Styles however, it does not seem that Adele is committed
relationship at any time soon.

A source told Hollywood Life that Adele is “perfectly happy to be single” at this moment, and added: “She does not need a man to be happy”. At this time, your focus is on being a mother, and in his music. “