What Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman are the same person?


Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman

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Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman not only share a physical resemblance and the same profession, there are other details that make us think they are the same person: they started their careers at similar ages, they had to wear the same look by demands of the script…

Could be mother and daughter (separated by 23 years of age) but what is certain is that are like two drops of water, separated at birth. If you still can hardly believe it, we miss this list of coincidences between the two actresses. I challenge you to find the seven differences.

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Racing fast. Both actresses took their first steps in the world of acting very young. Natalie took the leap to the big screen with 12 years old when he began the filming of ‘Léon: the professional’. Much is said about how sexualizó the actress who, at 36, during a march of the women spoke about it: “With 13 years of the message of our culture it was clear to me. I felt the need to cover up my body and inhibirme in my expression and my job to send my own message to the world: that I am someone who deserves safety and respect. The response to my expression, from little comments about my body until statements more deliberately threatening, used to control my behavior in a climate of terror sex”.

Millie Bobby Brown started acting at age 9 with his first role in the series ‘once Upon a Time in Wonderland’. Later came other series such as ‘Intruders’, ‘Modern Family’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, but his big role came in 2016 when presented with the opportunity of giving life to Eleven in ‘Stranger Things. I was 12 years old, like Portman.

Shaved by demands of the script. Natalie had to rapar head to zero in a scene from the film ‘V for Vendetta’. Even without hair, was still beautiful.

The first image that we have of Millie in our head was shaved. So it was as he began his role in ‘Stranger Things’. In the following season, he sported the hair somewhat longer.

That dress I’m familiar with. When we saw Millie in the delivery of the Brit Awards 2018 with this romantic polka dot dress in black and white Rodarte we could not help but think of Natalie. First, because it is one of their signatures favorite (in addition to hundreds of other occasions dressed in her wedding) and because he reminded us so much to this other design.

Who could forget this polka dot dress signed by Dior that Natalie wore during the Oscars 2012?

Looks similar. In the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ Millie surprised us with this image a lot more hard that we had used up to now in his role of Eleven.

And the past month of February, we were without words when we saw Natalie in this way in New York filming the movie ‘Vox Lux’. The resemblance cannot be denied.

Ambassadors of big firms. In addition to her career as an actress, Natalie has also worked in the fashion world as an ambassador of Dior.

But Millie is not far behind and has already taken its first steps in the same industry as the image of Calvin Klein.

The actresses met at the Gala of the Golden Globes 2018 and commented on how much they looked like. “Millie approached me and said that the people not to tell you how much that looks like me when I was your age. I felt very flattered because Millie is a person absolutely adorable and very talented. I told her that that was good, but I think that she has her own magic,” said Portman in an interview.

So good vibes between them that Natalie did not hesitate to make a parody on the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ playing the role of Millie in ‘Stranger Things’.

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