Who is Dalton Gomez, the new boyfriend of Ariana Grande


Ariana and Dalton (Photo: @arianagrande/Instagram - @needyxjulia/Instagram)
Ariana and Dalton (Photo: @arianagrande/Instagram – @needyxjulia/Instagram)

Ariana Grande it seems to have a companion of quarantine, as now seems to be coming out with a real estate agent called Dalton Gomez.

The singer he has shared his life during this confinement in their social networks, and many have noticed a man who you can’t see the facebut that has been accompanied in these days of pandemic.

According to the sources of the entertainment site TMZ, Gomez and Large carried out for several months. Last month both were caught during an outing with friends, not where they take samples of love publicly.

And, even though that has been his only public appearance, and they have not confirmed the romance officially, some fans have highlighted certain signs of affection, such as when Big was doing a Live Instagram, and Gomez left a simple comment. “This girl is beautiful”. And, despite the fact that the singer did not answer directly, yes he mentioned that “I felt super blessed”.

The young man is an agent of come roots (Photo: Group, Aaron Kirman)
The young man is an agent of come roots (Photo: Group, Aaron Kirman)

Who is the new boyfriend of Ariana Grande?

Although your account of Instagram is private, thanks to the web page where it works it is known that Dalton Gomez he was born and grew up in southern California, although we do not know exactly his age. Now, in his professional life has been working five years for real estate luxury.

In addition, it was director of operations of the Group, Aaron Kirman during the first three years. He was in charge of the day to day operations with the team of Los Angeles.

It seems that the company has great respect for the californian, because their experience has been able to connect with famous clients, which would explain his approach to the singer.

Highly sought after for his extensive knowledge in the fields of architecture significant and luxury properties, is quickly becoming a titan of the industry”, he described the company of their abilities.

The singer has not confirmed the information (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)
The singer has not confirmed the information (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

According to the news portal E! News the couple has mutual friends when they met, one of them is Miley Cyrus, with whom the young man recently shared a picture.

“They are within the same circle (to social). I used to be a dancer and have many friends in common. She has known quickly with the quarantine. Have spent a lot of time at home,” explained a source to the portal.

According to several witnesses, the young people have spent a lot of time together in the home of the actress also where they have already spent “several days”, and where they have placed orders for food at home during the mandatory quarantine of the state of California.

She is a person home, so staying indoors is not a problem for her. Ariana occasionally goes for a walk and then return home,” explained the source.

Ariana Grande has helped fans who have lost jobs after the pandemic coronavirus (Photo: file)
Ariana Grande has helped fans who have lost jobs after the pandemic coronavirus (Photo: file)

Doing your part to help

The singer is not only cooperating to stay inside her house, because according to TMZalso eyou’re helping the economy of their fans so that they can survive in these difficult times.

According to the website, the singer has communicated with his followers in social networks and has spoken with some people who have shared about their struggles to maintain a stable economy after losing their jobs.

The singer has donated at least 10 people who really needed help. Through Venmo, a payment service online, Grande has given you from USD 500 to USD 1,500.


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