Why the haters? Mia Khalifa shared his incredible weight in a year


Mia Khalifa one day he decided to take the exercise seriously and since then, some of his followers do not leave it in peace. The influencer and former actress of the porn industry has lost weight significantly and started to question his health. What happened? Nothing, Mia is happy with her body in these moments that she could only access after a year of diet and intense physical conditioning.

Khalifa, in fact just went up your before and afterone of the activities almost required for anyone who experiences a change in the body, after a new style of life.

The influencer has stepped up your routine and diet in this period of seclusion social. You can see her doing every day exercise if you follow in Instagram and Czech your stories, where he trains alongside his couch staff. Mia has also had the gesture of recording their meals for those who genuinely are worried about her. I eat enough and the right way!

Nothing is known about the reasons for the Mia entered the world of fitnessbut we should clarify that the dates coincide with your first year married. In the video your before and after, the actress wrote:

“A year ago today, vs. TODAY ? at least now I know that Robert was serious when he said that you would love me at any weight, because what was proposed to me before”