With anecdotes, feelings, and Lady Gaga, Enrique Sanchez celebrates marriage equality ” AMPrensa.com


Enrique Sánchez, deputy of the Partido Acción Ciudadana. AMPrensa.com

Drafting. Recalling the “Kike” for 10 years that he thought of the policy, nor in the egalitarian marriage, I did not understand very well what they were about human rights, that he did not know what to answer when he said that if you already had a girlfriend, Enrique Sanchez, held on Tuesday the entry into force of the egalitarian marriage.

He reminded the boy that he had to lie because she was with Mauren when in reality I was walking with Mauritius, or that you went to the movies with Carla, instead of Carlos.

“Do not imagine you the skill that one acquires to be able to keep your secret,” reflection.

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“But a day one is fed up and breaks down the doors of the closet, some have the fortune of our family in spite of it follow by our side”, stressed the deputy Enrique Sánchez of the Partido Acción Ciudadana.

Today is a historic day, after years and years of struggle -said – the time has come to say marriage equality is in force in Costa Rica and the country number 29 that reaches this milestone for human beings.

All couples achieve the same rights and protection of the State.

“Marriage equality is positive for Costa Rica, it is not a victory of one against another, is a triumph of collective in which all people are equal before the law.

“Some are asking,’ what happens now?, it happens that today thousands of families feel safe and happy and protected by the State.

“Yes, things are going to change, some dances of the ticket, you are going to dance with Lady Gaga, Monica Naranjo, and Richie Martin, the pastel colors will have a rest and come out the colors of the rainbow, the aunts already not only have to fight the table centres, between them, but with friends.

The ballrooms will have to get used to the wigs and the heels,” he said.