your secret hair care


The Kardashian sisters have become a point of reference of beauty, and every secret brought to public light becomes trending topic . One recently released in a video set, Khloé and Kourtney has a trick very particular and both have shared for the care of your hair. To the surprise of many, the entrepreneurs have confessed that you do not wash your hair as often as you would imagine, do you want to know the reason?

Kourtney Kardashian in a video with her sister Khloé©YouTube
The Kardashian sisters share with their millions of followers to their routines of beauty

For a hair more healthy

The secret of the sisters Kardashian it was revealed in a virtual meeting between the two –through a well-known audiovisual platform– in which, among various topics, share their routines of hair care.

Khloé commented fun to his sister, “you Must know that you look like a lot to me to feel so much hair,” to which Kourtney replied: “do you Know why? I was as well after I shower, let it dry and sleep. Not even I’ve combed today!”.

The eldest of the sisters confessed that lately just wash with water after training, while Khloé explains that the lava in depth at the beginning of the week and during the rest of the days use only shampoo dry. Why? Very simple and healthy: Is to retain it for a longer time the natural oils and prevent the ends from opening.

Young dry wet hair©iStock
The washing of the hair should not be followed to avoid mistreating the scalp

The specialists confirm this

Specialists, such as dermatologist, Lynne Goldberg, and Neil Moodie stylist celeridades as Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson agree that it should be left to breathe for the hair, especially the scalp, to not mistreatment, by and prevent excess fat production, it from drying out or getting irritated. “It is best not to wash your hair every day, unless a dermatologist recommends it, for medical reasons,” says the specialist Goldberg to Business Insider.

For its part, the stylist Neil, has warned Femailthat women run the risk of ruining your hair by a washing “excessive hair” which causes the strands to weaken and break.