10 famous aussies who started on a tv series and today’s triumph in Hollywood


Today are idols of the masses, treasure awards, salaries for each film roll and, in the face of the gallery to lead a charmed life with projects at the height of his meteoric stardom. But before reaching this status, the television crossed providentially in their lives, and they sponsored to grant a career success.

As our industry homeland has been responsible for a large quarry of actors and actresses thanks to a series as When you leave class, Peers or Physical or Chemicalin Australia there are two titles that have carved a niche in its own right not only as the longest-living but as the most espabiladas to host in its ranks young artists who with time have become the new guard of Hollywood. It is Home and Away and Neighbours. The first was released in 1988 and is still in antenna. The second is emitted continuously since 1985 and, among them, competing not only by the indices of popularity but to find new talent in the industry world. Until now, these have been the best contributions that we have been given.