A fan obsessed with Ariana Grande plant in the door of your house


A man of 20 years that mocked all of the safety measures and managed to get to the door of the house that the american singer Ariana Grande has in Los Angeles (EE.US) he was arrested by the police of that city.

According to the news portal of the show TMZthe incident occurred last Saturday and, although it is not revealed if the artist was in residency, it is known that the man was wearing a love letter for the artist, and detailed directions on how to get to your house.

The intruder, whose name was not revealed, came to the door of the home and was attended by the manager of the property, who told him that Big not was, and held there while the police arrived. It is still unknown how he was able to avoid the measures the security team of the singer of 26 years.

The authorities have imposed charges for violation of the private property and assault the man after that were to spit on a police officer while performing the arrest.

Scolded the fans for the coronavirus

The singer’s ‘One Last Time’ remains in the house where it announced that it will abide by the measures of voluntary isolation recommended by the authorities to avoid a possible contagion of the coronavirus.

In recent days Large have used their social networks to raise awareness among their fans about the dangers of Covid-19 and even called “stupid“and “spoiled“the young people who have disregarded the advice of isolation and social distancing.

The attempted invasion home against Big occurs a few weeks after a person called 911, the emergency line of the police, to report that he had heard shot in the property of the singerwithout repercussions.