Actress, American Horror Story explodes for it to be compared with Adele


Adele has surprised the entire world to lose weight, and your image has given much to talk about, however, who seems to be a bit fed up of the theme is Sarah Paulsonthe actress American Horror Story, who has been compared to the singer because internet users say they are physically equal.

In that sense, the famous said that I wish they were comparing your talent with it, because it considers that the uk is an interpreter very talented, but ensures that that cannot be so, because for her no one sings better than the interpreter “When we were Young”.

“I honestly can’t say because the talent of no one is as big as the one of Adele, which is really irritating,” he said.

Sarah Paulson was not so bad comparisons

If well stated that I wish life were not full of comparisons between the one and the other artist said that it will take well the fact that you want to compare your physique with that of Adele, because it seems like that is precious, and that for her is a compliment.

“it’s a beauty. So, of course. It’s great. Dénmelo. I take it,” he said.

And is that Adele has caused a lot of sensation among the internet users, however, it has also caused a lot of controversy, because to receive hundreds of compliments about weight loss, many feminist groups claimed that it is a manifestation of “Gordofobia” in the guise of congratulations, among people who now believe that “This perfect”.

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Sarah Paulson returns to American Horror Story

The also singer is one of the actresses who regularly appear in the series American Horror Story, and has been in several of their seasons with many characters, so that, although would not have a role in the latest installment, will be in the tenth season.