Adele and the look of the photo viral that has been left in shock to his fans

The singer Adele has returned and it has done so high for everything! Taking into account that the last time I ‘saw’ the artist (virtually, of course) was on 23rd of December with a fun stamped christmas that posed a Grinch, was of waiting for his triumphant return to the social profiles come accompanied by a receipt to the height. And is that the nearly 36 million of the star awaited with eager this time. An occasion that has taken place with a photo of the singer, quickly, has reached the status of viral. But as much as the new onset of Adele -rolling digit, by the way-, enloqueciera to his fans for all the time you are wearing without updating their profiles, the look I chose to do this did not go unnoticed: a dress that confirms that it is closely trends.


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And although one of the questions most repeated was when it would return to make new music, one of them is focused in the plane of the stylistic image, as their fans wanted to know the signature of the pledge which he appeared to be wearing. As the british have demonstrated, there is nothing more effective than a minidress black, or little black dress, to make an impact. A garment that, by very simple that may seem, it is one of the most powerful cabinet to solve any appointment with the plus of elegance that gives the color a more sophisticated palette.


Signed by Elzingathe brand behind which is Lieselot Elzinga, the dress is a model that is part of the collection Autumn-winter 2019/2020. That Adele wears at the spring show that this class of LBD they are a staple that works no matter what the season. Although it was hard to 672 €, a price that is not within the reach of all pockets, it is certain that it has been completely exhausted. Do the positive part? We have found other models very similar to that of the artist with which to achieve an effect similar and that you’ll be able to buy here.

That has become a success, it should not surprise us for nothing. Has all the necessary features to become a lookazo. To begin with, the puffed sleeves are perfect to balance the silhouette if you have a curvy figure. And we cannot forget that they are a detail of trend that various designers have included in their recent shows. In addition, the pattern of the dress is another point in favor of the go-adjusted to the silhouette thanks to the ‘effect bodice’ of the seam of the organza. Its success has been such that even has sold out in the color tangerine, the other model offered by the brand.