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The followers of Vadhir stated that Alessandra Rosaldo as he would rebuke them and highlighted what a Hollywood star looks like the lower

From that

Aitana Derbez

he made his debut in

Tik Tok

to the side of her famous parents, has not ceased to call attention either with her niece, Kailani, or with his half-brother Vadhirwho now exhibited the controversial video who starred with the lesser of five years and which he said he will bring a big scolding.

Through its official account of Instagram, the actor and singer shared a recording in which she appears with her younger sister doing a lip sync of the song ‘Kream Bebiisan’. Although it is not the first clip that makes it next to Aitanayes , it is the first time that the small says a word inappropriate for their age.

“I’m going to get to beat up teaching him things as well. To make that worthwhile. Like, like, like. Comedy, Aitana”, pointed out as the description of the video, which is also accompanied with an emoji sad and shedding a tear.

In a matter of hours, the publication of Vadhir and

Aitana Derbez

got over 105 ‘I like’ and not only became a trend in Tik Tokalso on Instagram, where it got hundreds of messages in the fans claimed that Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo yes reprenderían the interpreter of the ‘Whole band’ for that video.

“Alessandra throws the chancla flying in 3, 2, 1,” “All waiting for what they say, Alessandra”, “You are going to go back to your house”, “You are going to send to clean the mats, Esperancito”, “This man is dead”, “Vadhir is a place in which you can make your last will and testament”, “Aitana with her face not break a plate” were some of the messages that you received.

In addition to joke around with the scolding that you will receive Vadhir Derbezthe fans of the famous family highlighted the great similar that

Aitana Derbez

has Kendall Jenner, a fact that had already been made a trend a few months ago.

“Am I, or the girl looks like Kendall Jenner”, “Is the clone of Kendall Jenner”, “Will be just as nice that Kendall”, “Neither Aislinn nor Eugene, is egalitarian Kendall”, pointed out by some fans.

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