Alex Morgan and how you can begin the war of Barca and Real Madrid female


Women’s football has made great strides in the last dates. The arrival of Real Madrid to the League Iberdrola will increase the competition in the national elite, hence the FC Barcelona look to enhance its project to remain one of the leaders in the country. Even as it is rumored the possible arrival of some of the stars of world football, including Alex Morgan.

In the last hours has caught force the possibility that Alex Morgan exposé by the FC Barcelona. An operation that is not far-fetched, as the american star has never hidden his passion for the colors of barça.

A little over a year he visited the Camp Nou to see the rout of Barca Deportivo de la Coruña. In fact already in 2015 (when he visited for the first time The Farmhouse), acknowledged that he would like to play some day in the box barca. This it would not be his first adventure in Europeas has already won a Champions League with Olympique Lyon.

It would be great to play in Barcelona. I like knowing that I have options to play in Europe. There are teams in Spain and Europe, which are improving,” revealed Alex Morgan some years ago.

Alex Morgan, in his last visit to the Camp Nou (Photo: EFE).
Alex Morgan, in his last visit to the Camp Nou (Photo: EFE).

Spain, a weakness for Alex Morgan

The Real Madrid it is another of the teams that could knock on his door. While it is true that until 2020 does not absorb definitely to the CD-HeeledFlorentino Perez prepares from as a project competitive for the people who already are looking for stars as Martha, Ada Hegerberg, or the Alex Morgan.

The front even he lived in the capital of Spain for a summer, that was a turning point in his career. There caught the passion that is felt in the country for the sport king. Also the competitiveness of the Real Madrid, whose stadium he visited on many occasions.

Alex Morgan: “I Wanted to build my career by following the passion that people have in Spain”

“After my second year of university, I decided to study a summer in Spain. I went to Madrid for six weeks, it was the perfect decision to get into a culture really understands the language of football as a universal. I could not speak Spanish as I would have liked but he knew how to play football and that we matter to the people. Was fields in any place and people to play with me. Sometimes mates and other older men. I started to play with them and I immediately accepted. It was a great experience. I wanted to build my career by following the passion that people have in Spain,” he revealed on that experience.

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