Alexa Dellanos shares tender photo and message for Myrka Dellanos on her birthday

Alexa Dellanos celebrated the birthday of her mom Myrka Dellanos sharing a series of photos from various moments of his life. The most entertaining was one where Alexa was a little girl in the arms of the journalist.

The young star of Instagram the dedicated a few beautiful words in the digital platform of expressing all that he feels for his mother.

“Dear mommy, it’s your birthday and that’s why I have to aladearte all day,” wrote the model. “My mom is the most loving, humble, loyal, hard working, and woman honest that I have ever known. Not to mention that she is beautiful inside and out. It’s so cool without trying and I don’t say only because that is my mom. Is the funniest person and always leaves people better as the met. Everything he touches turns to gold”.

Alexa said that Myrka is your biggest inspiration and she is your example of a mother, of heart, and even your figure.

“My mom is not only the best mother in the world is the teacher of the art of communications, a journalist and award-winning author, a true businesswoman, philanthropist, dancer and musical genius. But above all, she is a mother to me and to those who are in need of your support. Mom, thanks for being you. You give me more of what you receive and what you do with a lot of grace. You are my best friend and an angel on Earth. I love you.”

The words of Alexa touched the heart of Myrka also responded by writing, “Thank you for your beautiful words. You I always get inspired to continue and give my best. I love you with all my heart and I know that it is best to come to both. You are my angel and my biggest support.”

The co-worker, Myrka, María Celeste Arrarásalso so touched by the message and added, “That nice gift this is for her.”

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Dear Mommy, it’s your birthday so I get to brag about you for the day. My mom is the most loving, humble, loyal, hard-working and honest woman I’ve ever met. Not to mention, beautiful inside and out. She is so cool without even trying and I’m not saying this bc she’s my mom. She is the most fun person to be around and she always leaves people better than she found them. Everything she touches turns to gold. I admire her and she’s my main inspiration, my mommy goals, my heart goals and my body goals lol. My mom is not only the best mom on earth. She is a master at the art of communication, an award-winning journalist and author, a real boss businesswoman, a philanthropist, a ballerina and a music genius. But of all all, she is Mom to me and to anyone who needs comfort. Mom, thank you for being you. You give more than you get, and you do it with grace. You’re my best friend and my angel on earth. I love you. ?

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