Angelina Jolie up skirt and taught this: there’s a Photo bomb!


December 03, 2019
(19:45 CET)

The last years of Angelina Jolie have been like a roller coaster of emotions. The actress, to name one of the many professions that has, has faced the rupture with Brad Pittthe custody of their children, the gender change of one of them, to be the leader of various events of humanitarian aid and action in a movie.

In snapshots of recent your face and body showed the weariness of a life filled with a myriad of occupations. Now, we present to you the picture with which it begins to seem to the spectacular Angelina that we all know.

The short dress was the choice this time of the angelina, deciding to raise the skirt to which the appeal would come up too many points in consideration. The image is a gift of elegance and charm, teaching her perfect legs adorned with stockings of tights.


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For fans worried that Angelina would be lost all the beauty that radiated in the beginning, now they can be tranquil. And is that just it was a difficult time overcoming.

Recently, and although it has now been 5 years of separation with Brad Pitt, said that there are scars that are difficult to erase. And is that your idílio with Pitt marked and much to the diva of Hollywood, which, he acknowledges, was very touched by a seaparción of the most traumatic.

Angelina Jolie reveals her painful years

It is strange to be able to make any statement about his past relationship, but has finally told the painful moment. “My body has gone through a lot in the last decade, particularly in the last four years, and I have the scars, both visible and invisible to display; the invisible are the most difficult to combat”, said Jolie.

To finish, Angelina Jolie left a phrase that generates questions and answers at once: “life takes many turns. Sometimes you hurt him, you see the ones you love with pain and you can’t be as free and open as your spirit what you want. It is not new nor old, but I feel that the blood returns to my body.”