Anna Kendrick starred in the first series of HBO Max


Yesterday saw the launch in the united States on HBO Max, the brand new platform Warnermedia and with it his first series and programs. That is not to have a great initial offer in this sense but among them stood out ‘Love Life’starring Anna Kendrick. A romantic comedy that today has come to HBO Spain with its first three episodes.

Sam Boyd, whose career of screenwriter has been hardened in the field of short films such as ‘In a relationship’ created and writes this series of ten episodes, which are displayed as a chronological review the life of Darby, a worker in a new york museum, through their loving relationships.

Ten romantic comedies

As well, each episode (at least three seen up to now but the criticism of us has been able to see eight and does not change the schema), takes us for a different romantic partner and how this influences and transforms Darby into the person that ends up being. Are parts of thirty minutes in which we witness weeks (or months) of a relationship.

If I’m honest, when some weeks ago we were able to see the first teaser of the series, not attracted me too much. The gender of the romcom it is not one that I call first, so when I started to see the first episode of the series, had them all with me. Fortunately, the fiction is not bad. It is more, it is nice, light and with hints enough fun.

Of course, ‘Love Life’ does not invent anything and did not cease to be conventional: is a girl called boy continued and while it will looking that a breakdown of the views is not as definitive as it seems nothing makes you think that they should leave, at least for the moment, a formula quite clear.

Because, with their derivation and characteristics of each couple. In cycles of thirty minutes we see being born, evolve and die in a relationship. We see as Darby goes surpassing every one of them. In fact, the series deliberately avoids the post-traumatic. Yes we see sequels, yes we see heart in a fist, but each episode starts with a Darby progresses.

In this sense I think that is where most are right the series is in the cast. Anna Kendrick has a power on screen that’s already I would like the most of the protagonists of the series and films of the genre and its let work quite well. On the other hand, does not convince me of the narration in off of Lesley Manville, who gives a reflection and seriousness (trademark british accent) that does not finish to fit in with the global.

What it means to ‘Love Life’ for HBO’s Max

Love Life

As I don’t know exactly how it fits the whole ‘Love Life’ as a letter of presentation of HBO Max. It is a good anthology, but you could easily imagine in a string of television either. It is so close to the reality as pretty harmless as fiction.

What is the Netflixización the trademark HBO? because knowing that Netflix has powered a lot of the genre of romantic comedy, well, this is a good example of this. We will continue to see if the Max Originals that are coming also have, regardless of gender, this lightness. All of this without let you have good technical and artistic quality.

What I can say is that this series works quite well. We could even say that each chapter of ‘Love Life’ is in itself a good and friendly romantic comedy half-hour. And sometimes there is no need to draw attention and succeed.