Bella Thorne dazzles in Instagram and all natural, I look at the photo!


The actress of 22 years, Bella Thorne still more active than ever on social networks. Its more than 21 million followers on Instagram are jaw-dropping with each post that you publish. That’s what happened this week after making a new appearance in the world 2.0. A snapshot simple, spontaneous in that it looks at the natural conquered all. Most recently, he was front-page news at the venture as a producer in the adult film.

Without filters or wacky attire, the exprotagonista Disney wore a bikini, a pair of shorts and no makeup wrote on the bottom of the photo the following message: “I like beaches, I like biking, I like it when you make me laugh, I love it when you love me far away, I like it when you make me feel beautiful and more insecure, I like to fall in love”.

The reactions of his fans were not long in coming. More than 800 thousand likes and 3 thousand comments received the picture of Thorne. It is worth to note that the filmmaker, also attended Venice film Festival together with her partner Benjamin Mascolo, specifically the premiere of the film “Joker”, the same was starred by the actor Joaquin Phoenix. With a stunning gown in color black metallic stole glances of those present.

Be a protagonist of
Disney to be a girl rebel. So is Bella Thorne. The american actress of 21 years do not stop
cause of astonishment to his followers. A couple of months ago we confessed, without
holds-barred, about their sexual orientation. “I’m pansexual,” he acknowledged. Above
it was under the eye of the hurricane after publishing a few intimate photographs by the
that she was the victim of extortion. Now the headlines of the newspapers
sensationalist with his revelations.

Your beauty
physics is quite particular and that made fichara with major brands
as a model for advertising campaigns that, after, the catapultarían to the
big screen with “The show of Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Entourage” and “The O. C”.
But the role that brought her to fame was the “Cece
the protagonist of the comedy “Shake
it Up”
transmitted by the Disney Channel.

The diva youth is not only has
focused on productions for cinema or television. It was highlighted as a
dancer despite having little experience. In may 2014 he premiered his
first solo album, although in 2011 he had already promoted his single “Watch me”. That same year, in the 2014,
also made his debut as a writer and published his book
titled “Autumn Falls”

But his transition from a
a child star to a celebrity youthful wine with a strong load
of controversy. Bella is irreverent, without filters, extravagant and determined.
Had No qualms in sharing with its more than 20 million followers on
Instagram a picture of your first hair removal on the bikini line, a
selfie while I was sitting in the bathroom or when they did a colonoscopy.
It also broadcast live the whole process of the medical examination! Look
other spicy photos of Bella Thorne in this note of The Uncompromising